The story of a photographer

My photography journey started about 4 years ago when I bought my first entry-level DSLR camera as a start-and-shoot camera. From there, my urge to work within the Photography industry blossomed when I was blessed to join my High School's Photography program. At this point, I started to fervently research different methods, and styles of photography in order to capture the best shots. I realized, other than going through basic photography tutorials on YouTube, the thing that helped me the most was my interest in my Photography class. Knowing this I started to go out almost every day and practice shooting. 

Recently I have come to realize that I wanted to take my photography journey to the next step.  Which was lucky since I came upon an offer that I could not pass up. The offer was with a camera brand that I knew well and decided to stick with, the Canon EOS RP.  There was an offer I couldn’t refuse, $999 for the camera plus a lens for $299. I started getting support, and generating business by doing photoshoots for graduating seniors, and offers to shoot different high school sports games. In winter of that same year, I was blessed with my first computer that would help with my photography career. I was able to purchase an Apple IMac 24" with the hopes that I could learn even more about photography and how to edit. It also provided me the opportunity to create a real website, this one, that I published January 30th, 2023.

Today, I am on my way to having a full time successful photography career. My dreams are still pinned to becoming a professional wedding/portrait photographer. I have never been closer to conquering my dreams and can't wait to see what life has to offer for me these next few decades.

Jayden Sanford Photography business portrait.


Victor Medina

“Jayden is a very hardworking, responsible, nice, great talented, and most amazing photographer you have ever seen. His amazing set of photos and just such an amazing talented young man I have ever seen. He edits his photos and takes really great time and effort on his clients photos and he's just a nice and amazing kid. Jayden is only a Sophomore and is already at his best right now. This young man has so much potential and is such a unique and talented person. Definitely love this man's work to death!”

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